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We are leading Manufacturer and exporters of Sodium Meta Silicate Pentahydrate. We are an ISO 9001-2008 company following all standard strictly to maintain our quality of products. Our in house lab and QC department is strong in equipment, knowledge and system to meet the international standards. We have a wide range of sodium silicate, sodium meta silicate and sodium ortho silicate depending on coustomer requirement. We produce superior range of Sodium Meta Silicate Pentahydrate using advanced technology and manufactured using superior quality raw materials. Our products complies wit


Also known as: SMS 5h20. Sodium Meta Silicate Pentahydrate.


Characteristics Specifications
1. Alkalies as Na2O  28% Min.
2. SIO2 28% MIN
3. Ratio : Na2O:SiO2  1:1+_0.1
4.  Appearance White Powder
5 Free Alkali as Na2O   1% Max.
6. Loss on ingnition 44% Max.
7. Matter Insoluble 0.5% Max.

Packing :- 25kg & 50 kg Hdpe Bags..


  • Metal Treatment Chemicals
  • Ceramic Industrial
  • Detergent
  • Cleaning Powder
  • Specialty Chemicals
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