EP lubricant


EP Lubricant.
Extreme Pressure additives, Application under extreme pressure conditions rely on additives. Lubricant
containing additives that protect against extreme pressure are called EP Lubricant and oils containing
additives to protect against extreme pressure are classified as EP oils. EP lubrication is provided by
number of chemical compound. The most common are compounds of boron, Phosphorous, sulfur
chlorine or combination of this. This compound is activated by high temperature resulting from extreme
pressure, not by the pressure itself. As the temperature rise, EP molecule become reactive and release
derivate of phosphorus, chlorine or sulfur to react only with the exposed metal surface to form new
compound such as iron chloride or iron sulfide. The new compound forms a solid protective coating
that fills the aspertives on the exposed metal. Thus the protection is deposited at the site where excetly
it needed. AW agent in the EP oil continue to provide antiware protection at the sites where wear and
temperature are not high enough to activate the EP agent.