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Application for Neutral& cold denim washing

Becta Wash NCP neutral powder enzyme is specific cellulose. This storage stable powder enzyme is specially designed to be used for Denim Finishing.


  • A versatile enzyme which provides abrasion , depilling , surface polishing and softening on cellulose garments and fabrics.
  • Works effectively in short wash cycles.
  • Has high dose response and provides different look.
  • Effective in room temp. and neutral PH-friendly.
  • Superior stone washed look & a wide range of abrasion can be obtained with or without stones


Equipment – Drum type washer
Temp – Room Temperature
Dosage – 0.2% to 0.3%
Time – 30 to 45 Minutes
LIq/Ratio – 10: 1
PH – Neutral

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