Corrosion PIC


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Corrosion Inhibitor

An inhibitor is a chemical substance or combination of substances which when Added in very low concentrations in a corrosive environment effectively prevents or Reduces corrosion without significant reaction with the components of the environment. Concentrations of corrosion inhibitors can vary from 1 to 15,000 ppm (0.0001 to 1.5 wt.%). Corrosion inhibitors can be solids, liquids and gases, and can be used in solid, liquid And gaseous media. Solid media can be concrete, coal slurries or organic coatings (Paints). Liquids may be water, aqueous solutions or organic solvents. A gaseous Medium is an atmosphere or water vapor. Corrosion inhibitors are selected on the basis of solubility or dispensability in fluids which are to be inhibited.

Application :

The efficient flow of natural gas and oil to recipients is very often disrupted due to corrosion processes.
They cause deterioration of material, leading to changes in their mechanical properties, such as
durability, hardness or elasticity. In time, the progress of these phenomena causes damage to storage
tanks or transmission systems which as a result, leads to leakage. Corrosion processes affect not only
transmission and storage of fossils. The scale of the problem is much greater. Devices and systems
corrode at the stage of exploration, production (corrosion of drilling equipment) and petroleum
processing (corrosion of refinery plants)